The Vegan New Yorker

There are many reasons to live a vegan lifestyle–it is healthier, it doesn’t contribute to animal cruelty, etc. However, sometimes being a vegan can be difficult if you live somewhere such as New York City. Being a healthy New Yorker is possible however, whether you are cooking at home or eating-out. Should you be living the vegan life in NYC this article has both specific places to recommend for grocery shopping as well as some…

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Juice Bars

The Juicing New Yorker

When it comes to juicing there are a wide-range of opinions, from those who don’t like it to others who swear it can fix any health problem. As with all things, the truth is that juicing is not a magical cure for whatever ails you, but has a wide-range of health benefits thanks to you making sure you get your vitamins and nutrients. When you’re out and about in New York City hoping to get…

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