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Taykins Tea for Gout

If tuberculosis was called in the past the disease of poors, the gout like diabetes was called the disease of wealthy and rich people. 

There is a reason why it is called that way, it is the diet and eating habits. Gout usually appears in people who consume a lot of meat and meat products, and alcohol (especially beer). But it can be genetically inherited or caused by other diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, leukemia, and so on.   

Gout is the painful form of arthritis which at root stands kidney problems. The kidneys dysfunction causes lack of filtering uric acid and it stays in our bloodstream and forms crystals/stones in the joints. Most cases of gout are experienced in our feet with swelling and pain. 

Why am I talking about it today? The other day I got a text message from my dear friend who asked me how to heal the gout as a loved one of hers has gout and is in a lot of pain. 

My grandmother definitely would advise to use celery juice, natural mineral water (to neutralize the acid), and apple vinegar as a first aid, urgent intervention as you will get all herbs that are needed to heal the gout. Her recipe contains herbal diuretics, disinfectants, and nutritive herbs to ensure proper kidney functioning and healthy body. 

The herbs and plants we need: 

Manzanita’s (Bearberries) leaves and berries – overall this herb is disinfectant, antimicrobial anti-inflammatory. Manzanita has a complex impact. Due to its diuretic effect the leaves are used to heal urinary tract infections, as well as sores and aches. Berries of the manzanitas are used in kidney problems. Because of richness in tannins it is not suggested to be used for a long term. 

Cowberry leaf –  like the manzanita leaf cowberry leaf is also anti-inflammatory. The leaves are used to treat bladder and kidney problems. Usually people use it as a substitute of bearberries, however they have similar effects. Having them together strengthens the effect, especially during the treatment of gout. 

Horsetail – is famous among people as the source of silica as it is used in shampoos and cosmetics or its incredible effect during type 2 diabetes. Due to its anti-inflammatory beneficial effects of horsetail it is used for rheumatoid arthritis treatment. Taking into account that gout is also inflammatory arthritis, horsetail benefits can’t be declined in healing. Only caution that do not overuse it for a long time. 

Knotgrass – is another diuretic. It helps people with gout as less uric acid retains in the body as the result of increasing urine output.   

Rosehip – is the superfood. It helps people with gout as it heals uric acid metabolism disorders.  Additionally, rosehips are also rich with vitamin C and iron which support body nutrition. 

Direction of use above mentioned herbs and plants for gout:

  1. Take 100 grams of each herbs and plants and mix them.
  2. Simmer two tablespoon of the mixture in three glasses of water. 
  3. Drink the tea hot or cold three times a day before eating.   

Meanwhile, to reduce the pain put the ice on your foot for an hour and then wrap your foot with wool cloth to keep it warm. 

Be healthy and happy, my dear New Yorkers!

Dr. Aytakin Asgarova