Back to School

As the news that Governor Cuomo has decided that schools state wide should re-open, I wonder what this will look like in the next few weeks. It has been left up to the schools to devise a plan of action as to how best to move forward. No unified plan, no playbook, no sense of direction. Just back to school, you figure it out. I’m confident that privately run schools will be ready to go soon, with solid backup plans if anything goes wrong.

But I am all to familiar with this country’s public k-12 education system. Our public schools are filled with amazing teachers and hard working staff. But the lack of support from parents, local government, and members of the community has given our public school system a toxic environment that has failed our American children generation after generation. The average high school graduate faces a serious up hill battle when facing the most basic of lifes challenges (personal finance, soft skills, workplace etiquette) So given the challenge placed before us due to Covid-19 I know that the burden will be placed on those that have suffered the most throughout this whole crisis, New Yorkers. Fathers, mothers, neighbors, bus drivers, janitors, teachers, sanitation workers, crossing guards, principals, students, and our local heroes… healthcare professionals who have been facing this whole disaster head on from day one.

So, I don’t pay much attention to the politicians and their never ending struggle for power, it is an election year. I focus on the people that make up this beautiful city, that’s who counts when I walk out the door. So my heart goes out to all parents state wide who have to venture out into uncharted territory this fall and constantly worry about the welfare of their children. My only comfort comes from knowing that real heroes live amongst us, not on a movie screen.