A Message from Our Team

We would like to apologize to members of the community who arrived at Saint Cecilia’s Church on Sunday June 8, 2020 for the Healthy New Yorker Food Pantry. While setting up our profile on the plentiful app we scheduled future dates in anticipation of a bi-weekly food distribution system. After our first event, we decided to postpone the future dates and in the process failed to update the app to reflect this change to our schedule. Initially, we registered on the plentiful app to make the process of food distribution as safe as possible for the people we serve. The app gives one the ability to reserve a time slot to pick up supplies and eliminates the possibility of long lines. In a time when so many New Yorkers are coping with social distancing and a public health crisis the plentiful app has been an incredible tool for us and we are grateful for the convenience this technology provides. As of today, all future dates for the Healthy New Yorker Food Pantry are cancelled. You may follow up on our website and social media accounts for any announcements of future events. Again, we send our sincerest apology to Saint Cecilia’s Parish and the East Harlem community for the inconvenience and hope to schedule another event soon.