The Vegan New Yorker

There are many reasons to live a vegan lifestyle–it is healthier, it doesn’t contribute to animal cruelty, etc. However, sometimes being a vegan can be difficult if you live somewhere such as New York City. Being a healthy New Yorker is possible however, whether you are cooking at home or eating-out. Should you be living the vegan life in NYC this article has both specific places to recommend for grocery shopping as well as some handy reference sites should you choose to go out to eat. Should you be wanting to shop for your own groceries it can be intimidating to try and locate a grocery store that can cater to a health-focused lifestyle (organic and/or minimally processed foods) and extra-difficult to find one with a vegan focus. It isn’t impossible however and there are some stellar suggestions of places to go.

According to One Green Planet when they rank their top vegan grocery stores across the United States, in 2nd place within the entire country is Riverdel Fine Foods , now located on Essex Street in Manhattan after moving out of Brookyln. With a wide-range of vegan options including 16 brands of vegan cheese in addition to a great selection of nut milks, and vegan sweets, Riverdel is a great spot to shop. If you are looking specifically for meat alternatives that have a fantastic taste without any actual animal product, the May Wah Vegetarian Market is the most popular meat alternative market in NYC. You can enjoy the taste of teriyaki beef or chicken nuggets without any cruelty to animals ever having taken place thanks to these products actually being vegan! One store with a great deal of fans is Sweet to Lick the first and only entirely vegan market found within Long Island for whenever you may be out of the main parts of New York City, but still want to be sure and shop vegan. With a wide range of super foods, meals, and organic health and beauty products too, Sweet to Lick is a fantastic grocery store for those living a vegan life.

You can’t always cook at home–nor should you HAVE to just to be a healthy New Yorker. That said, eating out can be tricky if you are vegan. Thankfully, certain sites specialize in lists with the vegan lifestyle in mind. The two most popular are the following; Grubstreet has a superb list of vegan-centric and vegan-friendly places to eat-out. Time Out New York also has list of its top-recommended locations to eat. Truth be told, when you are a vegan living in New York City that can bring with it some challenges, so we hope this list will be helpful to making things a bit easier.

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