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The Plants of New York City

If you’ve spent a large part of your life maintaining a plant based diet, you wouldn’t be too surprised with the abundance of vegan restaurants in New York City. And these restaurants serve more than your regular veggie burgers. Whether its falafel or daal; they cover it all! We’ve listed some of these top restaurants that’ll leave you asking for more.


Veggies shine at this leading Michelin-star vegan eatery. The biggest highlight of this restaurant is that its kitchens source fresh seasonal produce from the Union Square Greenmarket. And the moment you set foot here, you’ll be blown away by the diversity of flavors and innate freshness of the meals. Specialties include spicy eggplant with labneh and tandoor bread, delicious sweet potatoes, fresh ginger dumplings with a hint of scallion oil, fluffy soft buns, crackling cauliflower tempura, and their famous house pickles. Ideal for dates as well as casual eating sessions- this restaurant is everything that a vegan could ask for.  

Beyond Sushi 

Beyond Sushi lives up to its name in offering the choicest vegan delicacies whipped up with the right dose of innovation. While we were slightly skeptical about this restaurant being healthy, the menu successfully proved us wrong! Some of the crowd favorites include the Spicy Mang that doesn’t just feature fresh, seasonal veggies but is also backed by an artfully decorated platter; the sumptuous garlic bread that is served along with soft and juice dumplings; or the stir-fried veggies that ooze just the right flavors- this restaurant has a perfect meal for everyone. While the lunch menu is usually the same, the dinner menu changes from time to time. You can always check the menu to see what’s cooking.  

Candle Cafe 

A top favorite in the Upper-East Side, Candle Cafe is everything you always wanted in a vegan joint. With its classic pumpkin-seed sauce, the perfectly grilled seitan skewers, the smoky chipotle tofu club sandwich with vegan mayo, or the mesclun salad drizzled with balsamic vinegar; Candle Cafe offers the classiest veggie meals with the best seasonings and ingredients.   P.S: The biggest highlight of this restaurant is their indulgent and breezy nachos that are piled with guacamole, tofu based sour cream, pico de gallo, and other delectable sauces and seasonings.   For the entre, their curried veggie cake with turmeric and cumin is a must-have.  


This upscale eatery is backed by the same restaurateurs as the ones in the famous ABC Kitchen and the ABC Cocina. There is, however, a major difference. Instead of focusing on sustainability like other leading restaurants, ABCV prefers flirting with wellness. You will find plants (lots of plants, to be precise) in almost every meal from the eatery. The green chickpea hummus topped with a dash of Thai basil comes with a side of soft pita bread and pan tossed veggies. Another favorite here is the chestnut-soba noodles that are deftly twirled with sea lettuce, broccoli, carrots, and the rare dashi mushrooms. Even the basic meals like breakfasts shine with their stunning array of veggies. With dosas, smoothies, and select Mediterranean cuisine, this restaurant shines with its choice of ingredients and seasonings.  

Jajaja Plantas Mexicana 

This small yet vibrant vegan Mexican eatery is the common point for the iconic Lower East Side and Chinatown. On a first glance this might seem like one of those spots where Instagram influencers connect, but when you step in, you’d know that this eatery has much more to offer. The food is unique, inventive and incredibly tasty. Its biggest highlight is perhaps the fact that it takes a unique spin at the traditional Mexican delicacies. You can try the chorizo’ burritos made from cauliflower rice, the vegan cotija based rainbow chard bowl or the Crispy Chayote Fish Taco made from seafood-substitutes. The food here is lip-smacking and it’ll surely leave you wanting more.  

Modern Love 

Based in Williamsburg, Modern Love successfully veganizes your classic comfort food. Backed by the expertise of chef Is Moskowitz, the menu here is a curious mix of Italian, American, Jamaican, Swedish, Indian, and Southern cuisines. Perfectly reflecting her Brooklyn upbringing, this restaurant is tastefully decorated and powered by the choicest foods. So, whether it’s the healthy mozzarella sticks with cheesy, chewy cashew-coconut fillings, the mac and cheese with blackened cauliflower and perfectly crusted tofu doused with a thick layer of red-pepper and cashew cheese, this spot has some of the most inventive vegan dishes you’ll ever come across.  

Peacefood Cafe 

Established on the Upper West Side back in 2009, Peacefood Cafe was created after two vegans decided to promote non-violence by offering plant based food to people. Their efforts were widely received by the masses, and over the next few years, they expanded to a new location in downtown. Both these spots serve a perfect combination of salads, delicious soups, hearty sandwiches and pizzas along with side dishes. Some of their best dishes include sourdough bread with a side of Japanese roasted pumpkins, pizzas doused with sweet peppers and mottled tomato flavorings, the strawberry cheesecake and the cookie sandwiches.  

Superiority Burger 

If you’re fond of burger, fries and everything else that comes in between- Superiority Burger is your best bet. Located in the quaint corners of the East Village, this restaurant serves the funkiest vegan meals, thanks to the innovation of Brooks Headley. Headley is a punk-rock drummer by profession, and he seems to have perfectly infused his eatery with the same degree of creativity he uses in his music. This restaurant offers top vegan delicacies like yuba verde sandwiches, veggie sloppy joes, and some incredibly satisfying desserts. 

There you have it folks, now you know just a few of your options to supplement a plant based diet here in NYC, All of these restaurants source the freshest veggies and offer new, inventive meals year round, so pick one and enjoy vegan fare like never before.