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When it comes to juicing there are a wide-range of opinions, from those who don’t like it to others who swear it can fix any health problem. As with all things, the truth is that juicing is not a magical cure for whatever ails you, but has a wide-range of health benefits thanks to you making sure you get your vitamins and nutrients. When you’re out and about in New York City hoping to get your juice-fix however, where do you go? To help make it easier here is a list of five stellar options within an assortment of the city’s boroughs.

The Butcher’s Daughter

The #1 juice bar in NYC according to well-respected website Time Out New York , the name is a bit of a misnomer as the entire place is actually dedicated to juicing as well as vegan, “Meats,” to assist those who not only are focusing on increasing their juice-intake but might be trying to live a vegetarian and/or vegan lifestyle too. Found in the neighborhood of Nolita within Manhattan, The Butcher’s Daughter has all the themes of a butcher shop without any of the actual meat to ruin your vibe!

Fresh Twist

Should you be in Staten Island that is no reason to fear you lack a solid juice bar option. Fresh Twist is currently the highest-rated juice bar on Yelp found in Staten Island, and it is clear why. With different daily juices (as well a smoothies plus stellar food options) and fantastic customer service people in the Staten Island region can’t stop raving about Fresh Twist–once you stop by you’ll be sure to sing its praises as well!

The BKLYN Juice Bar

Taking its name from the Borough where it is found (but with handful of letters cleverly removed), this Brooklyn-based juice bar is beloved by locals who love to go there so they can, “Drink juice and chill,” as well as savoring the vegetarian fare. Plus, as an added bonus, BKLYN actually offers delivery should you be craving some of their juice but not want to leave home!

Kings Juice Bar

Kings Juice Bar is found in Queens and is especially notable for two reasons. First, they offer catering should you have an event you want to be made extra-enjoyable with a juice bar. Second, unlike some juice bars that have a more vegetarian or vegan focus, Kings Juice Bar has some delicious meat options too if you have a hankering for some jerk chicken to go with you tasty juice–although if you want veggie choices they of course still have that too!

Island Blend Juice Bar

The Island Blend Juice Bar likes to say they have the best juice and smoothies in the Bronx, and based on how proudly they display all the reviews they’ve received on various websites and apps it would be hard to argue their claim! With adorable mason jars often utilized to hold the drinks and a relaxing Caribbean vibe the Island Blend Juice Bar is one of the best choices you can make if you want to visit a juice bar in the Bronx!

Home Juicing

Sometimes you maybe don’t want to have to go-out for juice, and at those moments you would probably like to try juicing at home. As long as you have the proper equipment it can be a breeze. To help you decide on some possible recipes one of the best sites to check is allrecipes.com which has a wide-range of options regarding juicing and the entire website is free (no paywalls like some healthy-eating-focused websites). By specifically visiting the segment of allrecipes dedicated to juicing a wide-range of juicing suggestions can be found for whatever kind of drink you’re in the mood for!


Whether you’re going to one of the top-rated juice bars around New York City or choosing to kick-back and do some juicing at home, you are making a wonderful choice for your health and before long will start noticing the benefits of juicing!

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